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For those of you who like to make your plan and execute it, start to finish, here is your health guide for the next three months, in three 28-day guided meal plans.

I will personally take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced with FreshFuel28, then FreshFuel28+ and finally FreshFuel28 Pro with an 84-day online accountability group!

A $90 value individually purchased, you can get the whole bundled package of high-quality recipes and nutritional guides for only $84 if you pre-order now.
Note: We sold out last season, so please secure your spot as early as you can.

(our next group starts March 31st!)

FreshFuel Express

FreshFuel Express is a seven-day healthy challenge. Scared about committing to my twenty-eight-day challenge? This one is for you! Worried about not liking healthy food? This one is for you!

Wanting quick results to get over a plateau? This one is for you! Needing to prove to yourself you can succeed at something? This one is for you!

FreshFuel Kids

One of the hardest things about being a momma is feeding our kiddos. Right? Kids are so back and forth with what they like and don’t like that it makes it nearly impossible to ever get them food, much less healthy food. I’ve polled my audience of mommas to see what meals their kids loved and they ALL SAID THE SAME THING: chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, donuts and pizza.So, I created exactly that – a meal plan filled with these foods for your kiddos while leaving out the unnecessary ingredients. Kiddos are loving these recipes and mommas are too!