Ask and you shall receive, Mommas!

So many of your kiddos LOVED the Protein Mac N’ Cheese, Pizza Muffins, Donuts, and Chicken Nuggs from my FreshFuel Kids first edition, so you wanted more!

Look, I don’t think I love anything more than kids wanting to eat healthier and mommas finding a way – so here we go – introducing FreshFuel Kids 2.0!  Totally and completely JAM-PACKED with goodness… even more goodness than the first!

TEN recipes, including breakfast, lunch/dinner, and even two YUMMY dessert recipes for them to enjoy.

So, here’s the recipe rundown for you:

    • Butternut Squash and Corn Pancakes
    • Kale and Bell Pepper Frittata Fingers
    • Blender Pumpkin Carrot Mini Muffins
    • Mini Meatloaf Muffins
    • Baked Pizza Toasts
    • Black Bean and Squash Quesadillas
    • Pumpkin Mac and Cheese
    • Pork and Sweet Potato Meatballs
    • Banana Pops
    • Peanut Butter Oat Bites

I mean, are you drooling yet?

Remember: these are made to taste AMAZING for your kiddos (or husbands) that aren’t necessarily fans of healthy food. But, side note, they are perfect recipes for mommas, too!

Now, Momma, I know your kiddo is standing right behind you asking you for another snack. Amiright?? Just get the kid some FreshFuel food already, will ya?