About Me

It’s quite fitting that FreshFuel was born while I was not eating fresh food, nor was I (at all) fueled in any way. I was depressed, overweight, unhealthy and lacking any desire to be better. I’m serious.

I was headed down a BAD road. But I thought I was just “fine”. I didn’t think that my poor immune system, weight gain, major depression and growing anxiety was anything to be worried about. I just thought I was going through a “rough time.”

But as luck (or God) would have it, I married a man who cared about health and nutrition more than I ever knew possible. Like, seriously. Who wanted to know that much about nutrition? Apparently, my husband who was total opposite of me in that regard. (To be totally clear, I wasn’t sitting around eating cupcakes all day but I was definitely NOT being good to my body).

After a LONG time of brushing all of my symptoms off, getting mad at my husband for pushing me to go see a doctor and having him research different diseases behind my back (then getting mad at him again when I found this out), I finally agreed to see a doctor.

We went to see multiple doctors who told me I was okay. They told me my “numbers” and “levels” were totally fine and in normal range. A recipe for disaster is: when you’re already depressed and finally agree to go see a doctor to just hear that there is nothing wrong with you. I couldn’t figure out why it was happening to me. I couldn’t figure out why God let this happen to me. The amount of hair I lost and hours I would spend in my bed in a dark room was scary.

Finally found a doctor that would listen to my husband and his crazy theories about his research and the DOCTOR AGREED with what my husband was trying to get all the other doctors to do. Moral of the story: do your own research so you can chat with your doctor like #realtalk.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism and was put on the natural medication that we had researched and asked for. I began gaining motivation because I was feeling better already, which led me to get my butt into shape.

I started doing short home workouts and eating food that was “better for me”. And guess what? It worked! My symptoms improved and so did my attitude.

I started doing all types of workouts and diets and eating food that was good for me and I finally found what worked in that moment. Whole food was KEY for me.

Meal prep is my game.

After getting enough motivation to try, I realized that I still didn’t have enough motivation to continue it daily because the exhaustion was real. It was (and still is sometimes) a daily battle.

I realized that I needed to do a little bit more to help myself than just cooking healthy food every day. I began meal prepping and, boy did it totally change the game.

I am NOT successful when I don’t meal prep. That’s just fact.

Constantly changing

Our bodies change daily and our lifestyles should keep up. I started with whole food, then eliminated sugar, then did keto, then just low carb, then back to whole food, then fasting and so on.

I don’t stick with one diet and I don’t push any one thing on my clients because everyone is different and should be treated as such.

Moderation is key

I listen to my body and you should too. Your life can improve in more ways than you could dream just like mine did.

I no longer suffer from daily fatigue, excessive bloating, major brain fog, or depression. I wake up (most days) ready to be successful in my work life, wife life and mom life.

In 2016, I started FreshFuel as a fun social media thing and, in 2018, turned it into my passion and business. I received my Certificate in Holistic Nutrition and became a Holistic Health Coach and board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of clients from around the United States use food as a catalyst to change their lives.

But, beyond this, I’m a wife to the most handsome and caring man. Momma to the cutest, smartest toddler in the entire world and have another little baby to love on the way! As a wife and momma, my goal is to give my kiddos and husband the best foundation to live a healthy life by putting real food on the table.

Momma, I get what you’re up against… trust me. But I’m here to tell you that big, positive changes are totally within your reach.